Residential Services

Our Residential program allows individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to live in their own homes. Our staff is trained to help each person live independently in their community.

We have 2 different types of homes available for people to live. They are a Staffed Residence and Family Home Provider:


A Staffed Residence is where a participant lives in their home with two housemates. you sign a lease and pay room and board monthly and the Southwest Center maintains the home and has staff in place to ensure you are getting your meals, medications, and enjoying life in the community.

A Technology Assisted Residence uses the internet to connect devices to enable remote monitoring, and control of appliances and systems, such as lighting and HVAC. These latest advancements in assisted technology give residents increased accessibility and greater independence.

A Family Home Provider (FHP) is where a person moves in with a family and becomes a part of a family in the community. This too is your home and you pay room and board and the FHP ensures your needs are being met in addition to welcoming you into their home and family.

Regardless of which type of home works best for you, you get to decorate your room, and do all of the things we all do in our homes and community. If you are interested in exploring how the Southwest Center can help you live your best life, please send an email to

If you are interested in working as a Direct Support Professional or becoming a Family Home Provider for the Southwest Center, please visit our Employment page here and complete an application. All staff must complete a pre-employment background screening with fingerprints and have a clean drug screen and consent to random drug screens.