Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Funding for SWC?

Funding for the Southwest Center is provided through On-Site employment partners, rental hall income, donations, fundraising, Grants, OVR , SC L and Michelle P Waiver programs and private funds. For more information about the SC L and Michelle P Waiver programs please visit

Does my loved one have to attend the program every day?

No, a person may attend a program as many as five days a week or one or two days a week depending upon his/her needs and goals. We have found that people who attend less than two days a week do not succeed as well as those who attend 2 or more days per week.

Is transportation available?

Yes, we have door to door transportation available. It generally takes three days to start services. Some individuals may qualify for payment through Kentucky Medicaid. Please call our Transportation manager for more information- 502-935-1848 ext 233.

What if my loved one has a doctor's appointment?

Depending upon the time of the appointment, our Drivers may be able to take him/her to the appointment with 72 hours notice.

How is my loved one paid for work that is completed in the On-Site employment program?

Individuals who work in our on-site employment program are paid a commensurate wage. This wage is determined by comparing the person’s quality and quantity of work completed compared to a person who is completing the same job who does not have an intellectual or developmental disability. The commensurate wage is based upon the prevailing wage for the type of work and is evaluated every six months.