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The Southwest Center for the developmentally disabled provides a wide variety of community based services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each service is geared towards helping each person to live, work, and enjoy life in their community.


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Our Community

Why I love SWC

“My daughter lives in a residential home and has attended the center for 25 years- we have a wonderful and caring staff. All of the staff are dedicated, respectful, and attentive to her needs.”

Judy W.

“You all do a great job-Thank you!”

Diann K.

“Darryl and I are thoroughly satisfied with the SWC. We can tell that he is excited about attending the program because each day when he returns home he gets his clothing and lunch ready without any prompting!”

A Family Home Provider

“I strongly agree all the activities and workshop are wonderful. I am so happy my daughter attends this program”

A Parent

Donate to the Southwest Center

Every penny of every donation, whether big or small, goes to making the lives of our participants better. The Southwest Center is dedicated to supporting those with intellectual disabilities live their best life around those they can call friends and family. 

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Contact Us

Address: Southwest Center 8009 Terry road Louisville, KY 40258

Phone Number: (502) 935-1848

Email: info@swcky.org