Community Access

Imagine wanting to do more, be more a part of, and have more friends in your community. Sometimes all it takes is a person to help you connect to everything that is around you! This connection can lead to reaching your goals, dreams, and desires and developing friendships that may last a lifetime!

Our Community Access Specialists!

Their job is to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities leave the bubble that has been surrounding them and introduce them to the whole wide world of their community. This includes going new places, trying new things, and meeting new people. It also includes helping a person to identify and reach their dreams and help push them towards greater independence in the community. All of this is completed at the pace and places that the person supported chooses.

Community Access Stories

Rhonda’s Story…

Rhonda is an artist. She loves to draw and create. Through Community Access, she found the Metro Arts Community Center on Dixie Highway in Southwest Jefferson County and began to explore all sorts of artistic mediums. She has attended many classes, helped create a Float for the Annual Derby Pegasus Parade and was asked to walk with the float on the parade route. And, she developed so many friends and made so many new connections that she was able to hold her own Art Show!! The COVID-19
pandemic has slowed some of this down as we all have had moments in time where we stayed #Healthyathome, but it has not stopped Rhonda! She has continued to create and is reconnecting with her friends (and making new ones) at the Metro Art Studio and she has decided to tackle classes at the SW YMCA where she has joined as a member and is attending Zumba classes to stay healthy! Check back to see Rhonda’s progress and watch her continue to grow and to be a happier person!!

Debbie’s Accomplishments!


Debbie is one of the most caring people around. She loves to care for animals, especially dogs and cats. Through Community Access she has become a volunteer with the Kentucky Humane Society! As a volunteer, she was able to submit an article for their newsletter and help make cat toys for all of the cats to play with! She loves working with the animals and seeing them find new homes to go to.

Roger’s growth.

Getting healthier and being able to walk again has been a long-time goal of Roger’s. He also wants to be a part of a civic group and be able to help his community. Through Community Access, he joined the SW YMCA and hired a personal fitness trainer. He went at least 2 days a week to work with his trainer and met many friends along the way. He now has become a member of the SW Louisville Rotary Club and is very active in their meetings and events. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed some of Roger’s progress but it has not stopped him! He is getting out again safely and learning how to be a part of his community while also staying safe!