Adult Day Training


L ~ Life Skills:
Developing skills that we utilize every day of our lives. These skills include: making a bed, cleaning, washing clothes, and practicing personal hygiene. 

I ~ Independence:
Independence is the key to a working relationship within our Center.  We teach independence through many ways including educating participants  on important life skills and successful work habits

F ~ Friendship:
Everyone needs friends and emotional support outside of their families.  Developing friendships is an integral part of a full, happy and productive life.  We encourage these important aspects throughout the Center.

E ~ Encouragement:
At the Southwest Center, participants have the unique opportunity to provide and gain a greater foundation of support and encouragement.

Culinary Arts
This group has been developed in part by a dietician to help individuals learn how to cook while learning how to eat healthy meals.

Daily Living Skills
This group works on developing skills that we use most every day of our lives.  This includes making a bed, cleaning, washing clothes, and practicing personal hygiene.

Arts and Crafts
Individuals in this group will have the opportunity to work on individualized projects through daily activities and various places in the community.